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  1. Rob July 27th, 2008 1:29 am

    Wow…your work looks really awesome. You have so many cool directions for your expression. The Yoga stuff seems really intense. I was freaked out by the one picture of all the people with their backs arched looking at the camera upside down! Nice meeting you…hope you enjoy Tucson and that it might give you a little space to continue your pursuits…
    By the way…for a laugh or two you should check out my self indulgent MySpace page. “The Curse (Mark II)”

  2. YahooBot November 11th, 2008 1:58 pm

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  3. John703 December 7th, 2008 3:51 pm

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  4. Mike and Rick January 1st, 2009 2:03 am

    Hello, you want to hook up sometime soon? Call me at 520-979-7450. Happy New Year!

  5. former housemate September 23rd, 2011 8:26 am

    I remember first seeing your work and being amazed!, so many more beautifuLL creations you,ve made. !!

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