Jessica started playing violin in 1990 and has performed with violin, guitar and vocals.  With classical training, she has played various styles and with many different groups. Classical, rock, hip hop, blues, ecclectic fusion, jazz, and experimental.

  • Bucks County Youth Orchestra : 1993-95
  • ***Strings in Motion : 1993-99 violin ensemble, classical and popular music : Performances at PA state capitol 1994 and 1996(Tom Ridge’s mansion), the White House(Christmas White House tour for the secret service) 1995, the Pearl S.Buck foundation 1996, many church services
  • Godiva : violin and flute duets 1993-94 Peddlers Village and Pebble Hill Church
  • *** Pulsar : rock improv, violin 96
  • Human-A-Sore-Us : electric violin with punk metal band 2002
  • ***Hydrogen Jukebox and The Big Fat Ego Progect :blues and improv violin: 2003-2004 Performances at The Rotunda, The Fire, The Speakeay and Doc Watsons
  • 04 Old City studio recording, hip hop, vocals/violin 04
  • ***studio recording 05: Corona west Philly(producer worked with ride or die bitch Eve), violin, Pink Panther over hip hop beats
  • Destination Grey/Juntar : New Jersey metal band(like Tool), electric violin 2004/05
  • ***Audio Emotif : violin, original ecclectic fusion music, jazz/middle eastern 2003-current : performances at The Tin Angel, The Tritone, The Highwire Gallery, The Manhatthan Room, The Rotunda
  • Recorded musical soundtrack for the Lou Pesci film “Roadkill” shown in NJ theatre 2005, violin and techno,
  • ***Temple Music Prep Vocal recital, solo 2006, Send In the Clowns
  • studio recording 1/07 Kevin Walker(Guitar Center), hip hop/industrial, looped violin riff
  • ***Jessica and Lori : violin, guitar, vocals Cover songs performed at Fringe Festival 2007, club Polaris
  • solo :  electric violin with synth beats and acoustic guitar, classical and pop songs 2008 Flood festival of Artistic Experimentation
  • Some recorded songs for 09 off of Andy Chin’s Album, Lam Session Jessica accompanying on violin)
  • Sample Music tracks mixed in 2005 by Jessica Joy Myers

    1. Scarborough Fair 4:25 – vocals by Jessica and Xkoamane -
    2. Yeah That’s Right 1:16
    3. Wack Mix 3:15

    She has studied violin with :
    Susan Ward(Heartstrings, Susan played with Tony Bennet, Strings in Motion) 91-99
    Chuing Li Goachlin( soloist from Taiwan, Hanover Orchestra) 04-05
    Stefan Xori(Nutcracker, Philadelphia Orchestra) 05-07